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FabFilter/ 모든 FabFilter 플러그인 업데이트

다양한 버그 수정 및 개선 사항이 포함된 모든 FabFilter 플러그인에 대한 업데이트가 출시되었습니다. 이 업데이트는 기존 고객들에게 무료이며 FabFilter사는 모든 사용자들이 최신 플러그인 버전으로 업데이트를 하길 권장합니다.



All plug-ins:
• Fixed possible crashes in Logic Pro X, which occasionally tries to initialize plug-ins with invalid/uninitialized buffers.
• Fixed possible crash in Nuendo 7 on macOS when closing a plugin.
• Fixed issues with key stroke stealing on Windows when using the Avid S6 control surface.
• Fixed incorrect appearance of plug-in interfaces in Live 10 in High DPI mode.
• The VST 2.4 plug-in will now automatically adapt its channel layout to match the audio/track it is placed on. Note that the separate "(Mono)" version of the plug-ins are still included for backwards compatibility.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when moving the mouse over the right edge of a menu with icons.
• Small bug fixes and improvements.


Pro-Q 2:
• Fixed an issue with Natural Phase mode, which could sporadically lead to an incorrect filter frequency response when processing audio at very small block sizes.
• Fixed a bug which caused Permanent Spectrum Grab in Pro-Q 2 to disappear when the input of the VST3 plug-in became silent.
• Fixed a bug that caused the spectrum analyzer to slow down when moving the mouse over the EQ display, with graphics acceleration disabled.
• Sample rate information is now included when saving an EQ Match spectrum, so it can be restored correctly when using a different sample rate.
• In EQ Match, the 'Save Input as Reference' option now checks whether the plug-in is receiving audio on the input.
• Fixed a bug that caused the colors of EQ bands 9 to 24 not to match with the highlight coloring around the floating band controls.
• Fixed a small bug when right-clicking the solo button in the EQ parameter value display: this would cause the button to remain in the down state.


Pro-L 2:
• Slightly changed the true peak detection algorithm to produce possible small overreads equal to the ITU-R BS.1770-4 example algorithm, while still minimizing true peak underread. This makes Pro-L 2 easier to use in combination with MFIT (Mastered for iTunes) tools like AURoundTrip.
• Fixed a small bug that could cause the True Peak level to display in orange in some cases, while it should still show in green.
• Fixed a bug that would cause the Integrated level to reset to -INF after a bounce in Logic Pro X (and some other DAWs as well). From now on, the Integrated level is now only reset by clicking the 'Reset' button in the Loudness panel in the interface.
• Fixed a small issue that could cause an incorrect order of 'M', 'S' and 'I' labeling under the three loudness meters.
• Fixed an issue that caused Pro-L 2 to seem bypassed when used on tracks with only a center channel in Cubase.
• Fixed a bug that caused Pro-L 2 to crash when adding the plug-in to a 4-channel track in Reaper when using the Compact interface mode.


Other plug-ins:
• Pro-G: Fixed possible crash on Windows when using 150% scaling (High DPI).
• Pro-MB: Fixed a bug that could cause the output to become silent in some rare occasions, when using 4x oversampling.



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