Vengeance Sound / VPS Avenger v1.1.0 업데이트

13, 2017

VPS Avenger는 2016년 12월 출시 이후 지속적으로 업데이트되고 있습니다.


이번 v1.1.0 업데이트로 브라우저에서 드래그 & 드롭으로 OSC에 커스텀 샘플을 로딩할 수 있고, 이렇게 불러온 샘플을 위해 루프 편집기 페이지가 추가되었습니다. 또한 SYS 페이지에 스킨을 선택할 수 있는 옵션이 생겨 앞으로 취향에 따라 다양한 스킨중 하나를 사용 가능하게 됩니다. Satya가 제작한 COBALT BLUE 스킨이 우선 추가되었습니다. 그 밖에 masterfilter post gain, 새로운 셰이퍼 모드 "EQ-only" 등 다양한 기능 추가 및 개선 등이 이루어졌습니다. 물론 버그 수정도 포함합니다.



VPS Avenger 체인지로그 (v1.1.0)


 - custom samples can now be loaded into the OSC via drag and drop from the browser
 - added loop editor page for these new imported samples
 - added skin selector on the SYS page
 - new skin: COBALT BLUE by Satya
 - added masterfilter post gain (for post drive gain adjustments)
 - added new live play option for the ARP on the SYS page: "Poly Arp quantize". Defines the grid where new notes are positioned when you play live
 - added a new shaper mode "EQ-only". The distortion is bypassed and you now only have a (polyphonic) 2 band EQ for each note
 - osc phase & microfade modulation can now be assigned via drag n drop
 - improved GUI Loading time
 - improved OSC-Wave selector open time.
 - improved visualization: fast-modulation ring movements now displaying 100% movements correctly
 - converting a shape & converting a multisample does create a tune file automaticaly. You can open it with a txt editor for transpose and gain settings.
 - removed syspage option for "sustain pedal mode". Mode will now automatically be in "SUSTAIN" mode, when the sustain pedal is NOT used for anything in the mod matrix. If the sustain pedal is used as a switch for something else (for example switching minor/major), it will not sustain notes endlessy as long as this modulation is active.
 - removed syspage option for "accelerated sampleload". This mode is now permanently "on", since it had no negative consequences.
 - while transposing / moving ARP pattern notes will no longer reset the transpose value when clipping on the max or min heigth
 - now ARP pattern notes will reset (by clicking middle mousebutton) to the nearest octave. For example a 14 transpose will reset to 12, instead of 0
 - fixed click-noise issue in resampler when numWaves > available samples
 - fixed an issues with loading VINTAGE CHORUS presets. Now all Chorus factory presets will sound as intended.
 - creating a new TG Module does not reset the SHUFFLE value any more
 - display for Modulation ring for cutoff knob hung with the last midi note. This is no longer the case now
 - fixed: orange triangle hung in the cutoff, even if there was no assigned modulation
 - the editor rembembers selected TABS correct now.
 - drumkits did not save correct after function "DrumKit copy sample to slot". This has been fixed
 - when you save a Drumkit, now the correct last location when saving a drum kit is remembered
 - there was a sorting issue in the mod matrix when removing entries that was created ealier than other items in the same source-group.
 - wavetable envelope sequencer pattern mode "PING-PONG" works again as intended
 - Route View displayed "ERROR" after removing a second filter module that was used in the routing. This has now been fixed
 - Wavetable Env-Sequencer Mode "SILENCE" is now really "silent" again


COBALT BLUE by Satya Producer Suite Avenger

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